OMEC S.r.l. supplies a wide range of Winding Machines to satisfy customers requirements.
They are expressly designed to be used both in spiral lines and in braiding lines.

SERIES D282: Winding Machine with Creel of 6-12-18 bobbins
SERIES D285: 6 wires Winding Machines for single wire bobbins

The Winding Machines model D282 and D285 are designed to wind the steel wire of various diameters on single wire and multi wire bobbins.
The complete automation of these Winding Machines assures high precision during the winding phase allowing a perfect positioning of the metallic wire and its optimal stratification on the bobbin.

All the models are made of solid electrowelded metallic frame suitable to hold the Bobbin Group.

Bobbins: single wire and multi wire
Winding Speed: MAX 600 m/1’ constant
Winding Speed Control: an appropriate system of photocells assures a constant winding concerning the pull and the speed
WINDING PITCH: Variable according to the diameter and the quantity of the metallic wire
CREEL: from 6 to 18 bobbins
WIRE DIAMETER: 0,25 – 0,80 mm
PLC and TOUCH-SCREEN: to set and display the winding parameters