OMEC S.r.l. offers a wide range of Spiral Machines (with single wire bobbins or multi wire bobbins) to satisfy customers requirements.
The versatility of the available models allows the use of these machines in flexible mandrel lines and in rigid mandrel lines.

Built with first quality materials, these Spiral Machines are designed according to the most innovative technologies.

Range of Hoses: SP – HS – R9 – R13 – R9R
Monolithic basement apt to hold the deck groups
N° Decks: from a minimum of 4 expandible to 6 or more
N° Bobbins/Decks: from 22 to 40 bobbins
Bobbins: single wire or multi wire
Rotation Speed: from 60 to 130 RPM
Control: by PLC – Touch Screen
Motorization: Mechanic or Electric Axis

The Spiral Machines are equipped with all the safety as stated in the most recent safety rules.
All the models can be customized and designed according to the specifications of the work cycle.